Buddy Dreimann - Mr USA 1994 (NABBA) 

 Buddy Dreimann - Mr USA1994 (NABBA)

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1994 NABBA Mr USA.. overall winner
5th runner up 1994 Mr Universe NABBA (England)
My story....a quick synopsis:
I tore my knee-caps apart while heavy squatting in 1993, while training for a National level competition, and I needed 9 hours of emergency surgery to re-attach
my quads to my knee-caps, and repair a shattered right ankle with a titaniumsteel plate and 5 screws (still in my leg).
The half-body cast was removed September 3rd, 1993, and I won the NABBA USA Nationals "Mr USA", on September 3rd, 1994... EXACTLY ONE YEAR LATER.
The Doctors had predicted I would be lucky if I could even walk normally again (meaning I would probably walk with a severe limp) & said I had no hope of training or ever competing again. I went on to compete at the NABBA MR Universe in England (the one which Schwarzenegger won before coming to America - check his book "Education of a Bodybuilder") and I placed as a finalist (5th runner- up in the finals - Dennis James was 2nd that day and John Terilli was the pro-division winner).
Since then I have spoken to people about how to "overcome negative setbacks" (in training as well as life) in a seminar which I call: "The Power of a Focused Mind". 

Contact me at:
 MrUSA94 (at) BuddyDreimann.com

* Professional & Work......
18 years as an IBM Computer-Systems Prommer-Analyst
using RPG, RPG-II, RPG-III, and RPG-IV. Worked for 14 years on IBM AS/400 as well as System-38, and System-36. OCL ...... lots of fun, CL was so much better!
5 years as an instructor for Grumman Computer School, issued teachers license from New York University. Only qualified intructor there at the time (1988-1993) to teach IBM System Operations, as well as IBM Systems Programming
and Analysis.I taught Evening classes 3 nights per week from 6pm to 10pm, in addition to my 9 to 5 daytime office job. ( I trained at the gym 5:30 in the am )

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Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to,
with the same weapons of reason, which today arm you against the present...... Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121 AD - 180 AD)  

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