Buddy Dreimann - Mr USA 1994 (NABBA) 

Buddy Dreimann 1994 Mr USA (NABBA)
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Private Individual  Consultation

The One Time Consultation is like a “Private Personal Seminar”.

This usually lasts approximately 3 hours.

This can be done in person or via telephone*.

You must have at least one year’s worth of training experience
with Bodybuilding exercises and be familiar with weight training exercises, to a degree where you are able to clearly explain what your exercise routine is, as well as your nutrition plan, and what your vitamin and food-supplement intake is.

All of this information will be gathered in advance, in a questionnaire that you are required to fill out completely before the session begins. To receive the questionnaire and a “tentative appointment” date, $175 deposit is required and is non-refundable, should you decide not to follow up and complete the consultation. Actual Appointment date of consultation will be scheduled between 7 to 21 days, after I receive your completed questionnaire.

The balance of $200 must be paid in full, and must be received with the completed questionnaire, prior to the actual consultation appointment.

(Payments can be made in CASH, United States Postal Money Order, a Certified Bank Check or via PayPal:  PayPal payment address:  MrUsa94@BuddyDreimann.com this is for PAYMENTS ONLY )

Once I receive your deposit, I will send you your detailed questionnaire, upon which you will list a full description of your current training and nutritional plan (additional information is always a welcomed plus, should you feel the need – but please type in Word Perfect (.doc) or print VERY clearly. I will review your program personally and you will then be contacted to arrange a Private Consultation Actual Date and Time. During your consultation I will discuss with you how to “fine-tune” your entire workout program, nutritional plan, and vitamin & food-supplement program.

Private Individual Consultation fee: $375 
10 Weekly Follow Up Visits………… included (must start 3 weeks after initial consult)

If Desired thereafter:
Quarterly follow up Consultations (1 Hour):      $130
Monthly follow up Consultations: ( 45 min.)       $80 

*For telephone consultations I must also receive current clear photographs of you, under  ample lighting conditions. The photos must show you from head to toe, and you must be dressed in a bathing suit, gym-shorts or something similar and appropriate (men: speedos, or posing trunks are acceptable; women: bikinis acceptable: top and  bottom required). Photographs must be taken facing Front, and facing Back, and Right and Left Profile. Proper stance from all angles should be at “attention” with arms at sides, with good posture. Emailed photos must be in .JPG format (Nude photographs will not be accepted, and will be cause for cancellation of your appointment).

If you are familiar with Bodybuilding “comparison poses”, you may also include photos of:

Front Double Biceps Pose; Front Lat Pose, Side Chest Pose – Right & Left sides, Back Double Biceps, Back Lat Spread. (Be sure to “spike-pose” one calf muscle in the side and back poses and tense the thigh muscles in the front poses.) 

On-Line Remote Training
Its called "Internet Training"  and its done by people who already have experience training, but need an expert to check in with once a week on a One Hour Telephone call.
I send you the workout log forms, and diet log forms, and supplement list forms, along with the questionnaire, so I can determine what your goals are.
Once we start you keep accurate track of what you’re doing in the gym, weights, sets, reps, and total time training. You will also keep a food diary, and supplement list. 
Each week you E-mail me a day or two in advance, the Workout and Diet-log pages to me, your current weight (and, if possible .jpg photos, from front, side and back)..... all this is collected from that previous week.
I go over everything that is contained in them, with whatever goals you and I have discussed for you, and during our weekly “1-hour phone-consultation” (phone-call to take place a pre-agreed time) I will point out what you are doing that is working well, and what can be tweaked or improved during the next weeks training and meal plans. 
Then you take it from there. Next week, same thing, week after week, it adds up to RESULTS!

That is pretty much how I was coached while I trained to WIN the MR. USA in 1994!

Once a week, I would visit or call my coach, and we would go over everything I was doing with my training and my diet, and also my supplements, and he would evaluate my progress, and tell me what I needed to do better or what I needed to work more intensely on, for that upcoming week – while I was reminded to still maintain what I was already doing correctly.  
It’s a program for people who have the determination to manage themselves, but also want to have a way to "stay on target" by having a "Check-In" person who knows how to evaluate what they are doing, and how to advise them what needs to be changed or adjusted, and so by setting up a contract with me --- to review everything you are doing on a weekly basis --- and knowing that you have a weekly phone-meeting with me, that you've already paid for - I WILL KEEP YOU ON TRACK, AND YOU WILL MAKE THE PROGRESS YOU WANT. 
This works out pretty good for many people, because it also allows them to train when they want to, and not have to be at the gym at a certain time just to meet up with me. This gives the flexibility and freedom to set your own workout schedule. You just have to follow what I've set out for you and stick to the eating guide lines that I will set up for you, take the supplements you may need to take, and  BAM! YOU GET THE RESULTS, all without being "locked-in" to race to the gym for a daily time slot.......
Payment can be made in full or in weekly advanced installments
Up to 4 Workouts per week will be reviewed

32 Sessions minimum commitment = 8 week commitment = ($150 per week , Total = $1200)
Weekly nutrition review, Weekly workout review, and supplement review to take place during a 1-Hour phone time scheduled phone consultation.If warranted, additional information may also be sent through e-mails to help you.


(I am now training people in my Fully Equipped, Climate Controlled, Private Gym facility - Please contact me for the current rates for the Private Training Sessions.......... at: MrUsa94 at BuddyDreimann.com
  You can find me at www.FaceBook.com


Personal Training (Private Gym):

  ( Sessions last in duration from 45 minutes, and may go to 75 minutes, if my schedule permits it  – and depending upon   each individuals circumstances, fitness level and goals. I will be "TRAINING" you, I will not be babysitting you, or be a 
rep-counter. When you TRAIN with me - you will not only get results - you will learn how to train, so that eventually you will be capable of training yourself, if you so desire! ) 

 Total amount/fees must be paid in full, in advance.
I must have a 24 hour advance notice of a workout being cancelled,
in order to receive another scheduled workout.
If I am notified less than 24 hours before a workout is scheduled then that  workout is lost.



Thank you for Consultation / Advisement......50

Thank you for Consultation / Advisement......80


Thank you for Consultation / Advisement......130



e-mail me for additional information about  my services at:
 MrUSA94 at BuddyDreimann.com